Utstilling: Åpning kl. 16:00-20:00

Utstillingen vil være åpen for publikum fra 11. februar til 21. mars 2021ROM for kunst og arkitektur. Åpningstidene er onsdag til søndag, 11:00-17:00 og etter avtale.

Utstillingen inkludere prosjektene Time to Reflect Reality av Bull.Miletic, RE FLUKS av Jonas Gunerius Larsen og Christine Petersen, Scotoma—as Glitch av Petrine Vinje og Olaf Tønnesland Hodne, og Everywhere is Now: A Cartography of Digital Daydreams av Kjersti Wikstrom.

Lecture by Shannon Mattern: "How to Map Nothing: Geographies of Suspension," 18:00-20:00

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In this talk, Shannon Mattern (New School for Social Research) will map out the urban infrastructural ecologies of pandemic retreat. This talk will be in English.

Two years ago – or, a century ago in phenomenological and political time – artist and writer Jenny Odell published to great acclaim a book about How to Do Nothing. She made the case for retreat or refusal as an act of resistance to capitalist productivity and laid out a plan of action for “holding open [a] place in the sun,” for attending to the world’s sensory richness. Not even a year after the book’s release, retreat was imposed on the world in the form of social distancing and lockdowns, and many people found themselves doing a whole lot of involuntary nothing. Maps and graphs showed stilled air traffic and transit systems, depressed economies, shuttered businesses, and sheltering communities. Yet underlying these geographies of suspension were urban and extra-urban networks in furious motion, ecologies of social welfare and surveillance that have historically functioned off the map, either in informal economies or via proprietary infrastructures. In this talk, we draw from feminist geography, critical race studies, and critical disability studies to consider how we might map the flip side of a COVID-19 dashboard: what urban ecologies make suspension possible for those who can afford to retreat?

The lecture is presented in collaboration with the Urban Ecologies project at ROM for Art and Architecture and the Media Aesthetics Work Group, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.